From Victim to Bully 

About a week or so ago, Philidelphia rapper Meek Mill heard allegations that Toronto embassador Drake had a “ghostwriter” for his R.I.C.O. feature on Meeks recently released album.

 But, did the beef really start here. I believe this beef has a hidden backstory. What did Meek really find out? Was it the fact that, 

  1. Drake and Nicki Minaj (Meeks girlfriend) were more than just Cash Money label mates?    
  2. Drake sneaked dissed Meek on his own track and didn’t notice the lyrics until the album had already released?  It’s been well documented how Drake loves him some Nicki  

Lest stop and think about them for a second. Drake use to profess his love for nicki in his records, even suggesting getting married on his debuted album Thank Me Later. He says “I love Nicki Minaj I told her I’d admit it,I hope one day we get married just to say we fucking did it. And girl I’m fucking serious I’m with it if you with it.’Cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted. (Miss me)” 

Minaj breaks up with longtime boyfriend SB and jumps to Meek, deading  the longtime love affair rumors with Drake.  

Jumping back into the beef. After finding out that Drake has a ghostwriter, Meek continues to rant using 140 characters or less.


The Twitter rants came about due to the fact that Drake didn’t show support  by not tweeting Meeks album  (Dreams Worth More Than Money) which topped billboards top 200 at #1 and he clearly felt some type of way. He decided to out him by exposing his ghostwriter to the world of hip-hop.

Drake is the hottest rapper in the game going on 2yrs now. First he drops 0 To 100/The Catch Up hike following that up with a surprise mixtap/album in February 2015 (If Youre Reading This It’s Too Late) “which took off like a rocket” shooting to #1 which in a domino affect, led to countless features, radio spins and more end$.

Once Meek started discrediting the Canadian MC’s skills as a writer, the pressure was on. Fans waited patiently for the 6god to respond. We all knew that Drake was to big for a response about the accusations “diss me, you’ll never hear a reply for it” (So far gone-Successful) Then Sunday came, and this happened!


 In which Meek responded with this tweet after hearing the diss.

With a slight jab as well:


Drake went back on his words and responded with a lite jab. The fans got hype. We could sense the beef was just starting to cook. We waited patiently for Meeks diss to be put on wax. We knew he was coming with bars.  But he pumped faked and didn’t respond. 4 days go by and we get a response, finally! But it wasn’t from Meek it was from Drake.

While everybody was still asleep, Drake dropped the sound loud link for his 2nd diss towards Meek called “Back 2 Back.”

The track left fans with tons of questions:

  1. Who is the guy on the over?
  2. Why did he use it?
  3. What’s the meaning behind it?

The cover art is fro the 1993 World Series when RF Joe Carter with 2 outs, 2 strikes and 2 men on base hit one of the biggest home runs in MLB history, defeating the Philadelphia Phillies (their 2nd title in a row) in walk-off fashion. Drake being a student of the game, tells the world that Charged up and Back 2 Back should be celebrated like a repeat as well by basically ending Meek Mills career.
After feeling the heat from TV host, Radio personalities and hip-hop fans across the globe, Meek responded with this trash diss called “wanna know.” You can tell he was

  1. Outmatched.
  2. A dollar short.
  3. And a day late.

It wasn’t even 5mins and social was already clowning the track. 


    After the fans were tremendously let down, we in the hip-hop world crowned @champagnepapi the champion. 

    Meek took time from his tour to do this interview:   

    UPDATE 08/05/15

     Drake had is annual ovo fest where did his best to end Meeks career. His hometown show was packed with disses ranging from the free Meek Mill tee he was wearing during rehearsals as well as becoming the first MC to use a slideshow full of memes to basically end their opponents career during a live concert. 

    Even Philadelphia megastar Will Smith  was in attendance.  

    Drake you already won the battle. At this point he is turning into the beast Brock Lesnar. Should Drake move on or continue to shame Meeks career? Is Drake becoming the Bully of matter?

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