Introducing Ghadeer

Hello everyone! My name is Ghadeer Alaradi. Whenever someone asks me to describe myself, I honestly don’t know where to start. I’m a JASS major minoring in Arabic and Psychology. I’m a certified cat lady and a Youtube addict. How I spend my time on the internet is watching makeup tutorials, vlogs, and funny videos on Youtube. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do before I sleep at night. I also like to watch Netflix. Occasionally I will go on Buzzfeed, Facebook, and Twitter, which is the usual.

I also use the internet for class, emails, and just looking up stuff. I’m also considered a shopaholic because I have too much makeup that I don’t need. I am obsessed with reading/watching reviews before I buy a product to make sure it will work well! My favorite stores are Sephora, Ulta, and H & M.

Also, here is a picture of my beautiful cat Lulu:


Other than that, I enjoy writing, photography, and filming. Anything to do with cameras, really. I also enjoy social media and that’s what interested me into taking this class. I had my own blogs before, but I couldn’t stay consistent with it. I enjoy writing journalistically. I’ve had a journal since I was about 5 and I still have it today as a nice memory. I like to see how my writing has evolved.

As of campus life, I’m involved in organizations and I like to see what’s going on around campus. I’m currently the Student Life Editor of the Michigan Journal, so if anyone is interesting in writing for that section let me know! I am also the Vice President of the Students for Islamic Awareness, which dispels any myths or misconceptions about my religion, Islam.

I’m really excited as of what this class has to offer, and what I can learn about the internet and social media!


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