My name is Alex Hess, and I am a senior here at UMD. I am a JASS major and I hope to utilize both the journalism and screen studies aspect into my future career. I’m excited for a class like this because it deals with the internet. The internet is slowly becoming more of a necessity to everyday life, and being able to learn more and more of it makes me that much more prepared to utilize the internet with an even better grasp.


If you ask about my interests, I’m pretty much a total dweeb. I enjoy playing video games, particularly Nintendo. My favorite video game series would have to be the Super Smash Bros. series, whenever I have nothing else to do, I play Smash. When it comes to TV, I mostly watch animation. Weird as it sounds, I still watch a lot of cartoons, it’s mostly anime, which is my favorite genre of television. My favorite shows would include Attack on Titan, Adventure Time and a recent new favorite Kill la Kill. But most of all I enjoy watching YouTube generated content, Game Grumps and JonTron being my favorites.


And as of recently, I’m trying to make drawing a regular hobby, it’s a slow process, but I hope to get into animation one day and incorporate it into journalism in the future.

While on the internet, I mostly spend my time on YouTube and Tumblr, I also use other social apps like Twitter and Instagram from time to time. And I take full advantage of Hulu Plus, as I binge watch all of my shows on there.

Looking forward to working with you all!


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