Hello, This Is a Little About Me

Hello, my name is Andrew Kuelbs and I am a computer science major with a focus in game design. I am currently a senior credit wise, but because I transferred to U of M Dearborn from Oakland Community College I still have about 3 semester left to finish my degree.  I grew up in Farmington Hills, but now I live in Allen Park.

Some of my favorite things to do are play and watch soccer, code, and play video games. ¬†liverpoolI have played soccer since I was 4 years old and I am a huge supporter for Liverpool F.C. and i even have a tattoo of the quote “You’ll Never Walk Alone” on my right arm. ¬†Liverpool plays in England, so the time difference can be quite difficult at times, but I will wake up at any hours of the morning to watch a game. ¬†One day I hope to be able to go to Liverpool and catch a game along with going to abbey road.

Crash Bandicoot

Currently the game I am playing the most is a FPS (first person shooter) called Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but my love for video games started with Crash Bandicoot and got really big with the Halo franchise. ¬†I enjoy playing the game with a group of friends in which we team up in a 5vs5 game. ¬†This game does focus on aiming, but I the fact that communication is the biggest key to playing this game and winning. CSGO¬†It proves that teamwork can beat out individual talent, but that doesn’t happen every game you play. ¬†One of the biggest things video games does for me is it allows for me to reconnect with some of my friends who have moved away. ¬†We can plan a night to log on and play together and we even catch up on life. ¬†On top of playing video games, I love to spend time creating new content for games and seeing what people think about it. ¬†This ranges from creating new skins, to make things look different, to creating new maps people can play on. ¬†Video games are a big part of my life, and I hope to continue with them in the future by getting a job in that industry.


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