Hello 👋 I’m D.W.

Hello, my name is Doniece Wilkins. I am finally a senior!! I’m beyond excited about that so excuse me for a second. When I first started at UM Dearborn, I knew that I wanted to study pre-law, so I majored in Criminal Justice…… But that was kind of a bore so I switched my major to journalism and minored in criminal justice. As I stated before, I am beyond excited about graduation. Journalism has opened up a world of opportunities for me beyond the dream of being lawyer.


I grew in Detroit. I attended Detroit Pubic Schools my entire life, so saying that I wanted to be a lawyer sounded GREAT. Everyone was always like “yeah, we never hear people say that they’re imterested In law.” I grew up watching Law and Order, court shows, and so on. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still trying to pursue my career in law but I’m excited that I have more options than I thought I did as an adolescent.


Right now I spend my time working at MGM Grand Casino, taking classes here at UM Dearborn, and as far as my personal life……. I just go day by day. I love going out to eat, socializing and meeting new people, and I don’t mind trying new things. I am active on most social media sites (which my boyfriend absolutely hates). Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I tried explaining to him that social media is a big part of today’s society and a major part of what I’m studying. He still doesn’t get it but whatever. I’m really looking forward to this class this semester. Professor Proctor is A-MAZING to say the least!!


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