Greetings from a Book Nerd



Hello, everyone! My name is Becky and I am a senior at the University of Michigan: Dearborn. This April I will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and minors in English and Film. I am also from Southgate, Michigan and am engaged to the handsome man you see with me in the photo above.

Like the title of my post says, I am a book nerd. I absolutely love reading and my goal is to one day become a Young Adult or New Adult book editor. I am currently a reading intern with Spencer Hill Press and I run a successful book blog called Book Bite ReviewsbbrbuttonOn my blog I review books that authors and PR houses send me (and one’s that I buy myself), help promote books, and do random fun meme’s like Top Ten Tuesday and Excerpt Wednesday (which I created myself). My blog has even gotten me press passes for 3 years now to Book Expo America, which is a professional book convention that takes place in New York City. Needless to say, blogging is what I spend a good chunk of my time doing.

When I am not working on my blog or reading, I am usually on Pinterest where I spend ridiculously too much of my time online. If it’s not some kind of book related site (like Amazon or Goodreads) Pinterest is usually where I am. In my other spare time I also crochet (I’m such an old lady) or binge watch Netflix.



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