Miles Storms introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Miles Storms. I am from the Downriver community (Woodhaven) & I am a senior at University of Michigan Dearborn. This winter semester will be my last semester before I graduate and I am so beyond done with going to college.  I will obtain a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology.  My interest most of my life has always been into law enforcement.  Most stemmed from my father not really being a father, but that’s old news.  I am hoping to be in the police academy come this summer time, but I have to figure out what makes sense financially, so I may delay that until the winter. With that being said my goal is to be an officer one day.

Featured image

The photo above is of me in California.  One of my childhood and best friend lives there in Oceanside.  I try to see him at least once a year and when I do we often go hiking, rock climbing, and sometimes even skiing.

When I am home I enjoy playing video games, currently I am hooked on Destiny.  My PSN is Mstor763 for those who might play as well.  Other than that I thoroughly enjoy not only watching but going to Red wings and Detroit Tigers Games.

I recently started to hunt.  My aunt and uncle own a decent amount of property up north by Alpena and I have been going there for a few years now to hunt deer.  Unfortunately I did not get one this year though, however it is always a good time none the less as I am able to see family members I normally dont.  Below are my cousins and Uncle.  I am second from the left.


During the summer time when I am unable to hunt I enjoy riding my motorcycle.  I own a 2004 Harley Road king. Below is a photo with my Harley along with my friends bikes.


Aside from all the school work, riding motorcycles, and gaming, I occasionally will find myself on Youtube or Facebook.  I had to create a twitter account just for this class, so that is a learning curve currently.  Other than that I spend time on Amazon buying things for my motorcycle, or Ebay.    My hobby is to build computers to game on so I also spend time on looking for new parts and the best deals.


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