Introducing… Sean!

‘ello Issues in Cyberspace 2015! I am Sean Anthony, a senior working towards my Bachelor’s in Journalism and Screen Studies. Originally, I attended University of Michigan-Dearborn with the intent of learning Videogame Design, but I quickly learned that I was more interested in writing the stories rather than working on the code monkey stuff.

Yoshi  My interest in Game Design came from my interest in videogames, a hobby I’ve had since I was a little kid. I primarily enjoy old games such as ones on the Super Nintendo. My favorite games are Yoshi’s Island, Alundra and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Over the Garden Wall Promo

Another thing I like to get into in my free time is film and television. Primarily, I enjoy animation and would like to write my own animated series one day. TV series such as Adventure Time (with its interesting back stories), Regular Show (with its wonderful character development) and Hey Arnold (with its adult relate-able situations) helped spark my interest in writing while series such as Over the Garden Wall (my new favorite series) help fuel it. I spend some of my time online talking with others about these series and reading reviews hoping to learn something. The AV Club has been a favorite of mine for this!

A BeeingLastly, I’m the creator of an amateur web-comic series. This was a project I’ve planned since my junior year of High School and while it may not be aesthetically pleasing, I’m pushing a page out every week in an attempt to improve myself. I’ve worked very hard on the story and occasionally (every time I’m revising any of the scripts) I will read through TV Tropes to make sure what I’m doing isn’t a sin against fiction! So far, every page I complete gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and that alone is worth the effort. If anyone is interested, it’s called Adventures of a Small Beeing.

I look forward to getting to know all of my fellow classmates here!


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