Introducing Charles

            My name is Charles Washington, and I’m currently a senior working on my major in ucla-2-logo-thumbScreen Studies and minor in English. My main focus is Film School once I’m finished at Dearborn. Some schools I’m interested in are: NYU, UCLA, USC, and Austin Texas. Those would be the schools I prefer to attend, but ultimately if I were to have a better shot at attending a different school, I’d have no issues with that. As far as what I’d like to do with a film degree, everything from writing, directing, and producing. It’s apparent that no matter what the major is, you’re expected to know more and do more with the education and degree earned. My main focus would be writing and producing, but I think it would be necessary to learn all three an adequate amount to be successful in the businesses.

annarborI work a full time job in Ann Arbor during the graveyard shift, which is a huge benefit for getting schoolwork done, but for my personal life, it’s only a dream. The best thing about my job is, I get paid fairly well for basically doing homework, it could be worse. I don’t have much free time now, I fell like once I graduate and attend Film School I’ll be able to mingle and do a lot of what I missed throughout these four years of college, while only focusing on my career. When I have a free day, or the opportunity to do something I sometimes spend that entire day thinking about what I should do, it’s sad. Movies have been a passion of mine for my entire life. The earliest memory I have, is being in a theater with my parents.

In what little free time I have, I’ll see movies and write reviews (for my personal gain). I don’t just see films as a form of entertainment, but as stories that can help inspire people to achieve greatness, so I want to be apart of the creative process of making films, the process that makes me money the fastest. Anything on HBO, I’ll watch it, I’ve never been disappointed with29940_HBO_Boutique_Hero anything they’ve shown, and I personally think they host the best television shows. My favorite shows are Game of Thrones, The Wire, and Entourage. Anything else I watch, I usually catch it online, but my television usually stays on HBO or ESPN.

Frequent websites I’m on:

Rotten Tomatoes

The Hollywood Reporter


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