Introducing: Brandon C.

Hello fellow classmates! My name is Brandon Coulter and I am currently a junior at UM-D majoring in Journalism and Screen Studies and minoring in both Music and Philosophy. After my college career is completely finished, I hope to become a travel writer or even a subject-specific writer/journalist within the fields of music and video games.

As cliché as it may seem for one taking a class entitled Issues in Cyberspace, I have always been thoroughly fascinated by the internet as well as writing and the combination presented within this class immediately drew me in.

Whenever Google Chrome is on my screen, I am usually cycling between movies on Netflix, South Park on Hulu, and Game Grumps on Youtube, with whatever else peaking my interest throughout the day popping up every now and again. I have been able to successfully stay away from my Facebook page pretty much entirely since I created it in order to stop people from asking me to make one, but Twitter is absolutely one of my internet vices. Instead of posting useless information that occurs throughout the day, however, I use Twitter mainly for following bands and musicians as well as other celebrities that I find interesting in order to find out information about them as soon as it happens.

Whenever I am not in class or at work, I do my best to write music for my band Unalaska. We are a metalcore band from Westland, Michigan and we have been writing and recording music for about two years now. I have been playing and writing music for nearly a decade, so the opportunity to create something with my friends has been a great experience since the beginning. I also have a ReverbNation page for my electronic/chiptune side-project I call Eidolith, but I haven’t created any of that for quite some time…

Photo Source: Tanner William Thurman

Aside from music, my other intensely addicting hobby is video games. I am constantly either on my desktop playing something on Steam or on my PlayStation 4 whenever I have free time to relax, and have been successively maintaining this routine since I was about five years old.

One of my major dreams is to be able to travel across the world and discover new and interesting things from different cultures. As a student within the JASS program, I have seen many examples of individuals who were able to do this and this has inspired me to become a travel writer to achieve this dream of mine.

I am excited to get to know all of you more throughout the semester, and I can guarantee that we are going to have a fantastic time with Professor Proctor leading us!

Here are a few songs for anyone interested in my band:


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