Intro from Adrian

Hi, I’m Adrian a MALS student at UMD. I grew up in Australia and have been living in the midwest since 1995. I am academically interested in Detroit and Hip Hop Culture. I have 3 daughters including one who is an art history student at UMD. Some of my favorite websites include Facebook (connecting with friends and family) and internet TV sites. I have totally given up on Cable TV and use the internet to get all my news and entertainment via internet TV and internet radio. I join in with my daughters who love watching K-drama and listening to Rap and other popular music via Youtube. I still use physical print for published books that I go back to a lot, such as classical literature and important academic books. I love the sound and experience of listening to music on vinyl records, especially jazz and classical music (even more incredible with today’s speaker system technology). I work at Henry Ford Hospital so my time online during working hours is spent communicating with other health professionals via email or googling health related information that I need. I am quickly seeing the desk top computer, IPad and other tablets giving way to hand held smart devices as the most convenient way to access, view and interact on the web, especially socially. Having lived through the whole evolution of communication technologies since the 1960’s I have an appreciation of the exponential data explosion brought about through the web both in terms of amount and speed of information sharing. There are definite advantages but also some hazards that simply chew up valuable and limited time in our busy lives. I have a few images of some amazing Graff in Detroit, our Siamese cat Lucky and my wife and I in Cheboygan MI last summer.



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