My name is Alex Sibo and I’m a senior at UMD and am majoring in English and minoring in Women & Gender Studies. After graduating in the Spring I plan on going to graduate school for a PhD in English Literature, hopefully out of state. I have my fingers crossed for either Notre Dame or NYU.

I do a lot of work online, which is why I am interested in taking this course. I’ve taken enough online classes that I’ve lost count and am a columnist and an editor for an online sports website (Last Word on Sports), so I am familiar with WordPress and Twitter (it feels weird not having to add a lot of tags, metadata, and editorial comments to a WordPress post right now). Since the vast majority of my writing work is based on analysis and evaluation I spend a lot of time on Youtube and NFL Rewind watching past games. I’ve also dabbled in cutting up condensed versions of college football games, and am slowly putting together my own website as a landing spot for all of my work.

This semester, I am also working on an independent study project that explores social media as a feminist/egalitarian alternative to conventional media such as television and film, so naturally this course tied right in. I plan on presenting my findings in the course at the 2015 Undergraduate Meeting of the Minds at the UMD Campus, and hope that I take what I learn from this course and apply it to my independent study as well.


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