Hello, Introducing Kevin.

Hello, My name is Kevin Payton. I am a senior here at UMD. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in General Studies online. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan, but my job recently relocated me to Georgia. This is my next to last semester before I graduate. I am very familiar with the Internet, but I do not take part in any online social media. I pretty much use the Internet for research, news, and entertainment purposes. I do not have any other pages other than the required Twitter page for this course. I have a very interesting job that requires me to travel frequently all around the world. For those purposes this method of schooling works perfect for me. Prior to taking my current position, I worked for 14 years with the Detroit Police Department leaving as a detective. I enjoyed my time there, but could not pass up an opportunity for a higher salary and better benefits. And not to mention the city was going bankrupt at the time. I like to spend my free time watching football, spending time with my family, and smoking a good cigar. I am new to the blogging realm, but have two teenage daughters who are more than willing help me after they have a good laugh. I wish everyone much success in this course and also a Happy New Year. IMG_0024IMG_0040 IMG_3491


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