Hello Everyone! Introducing Ben Walker

My name is Ben Walker and I am wrapping up my third year of school here at U of M Dearborn.  I am a Computer Science major and I am going into the video game design track that is available within my major.  In two more years I will be done with school and will hopefully find some game design related job.  I spend almost all of my time on the internet playing video games.  If I am not playing video games then I am working on my own freelance game design projects.  I tend to read through internet memes nightly and I really like the website 9gag.com in regard to memes.  Over the summer, I ran a gaming community that fluxed between 30-50 members.  I ran the website for the group, I organized group events, and ensured the group’s voice server worked properly.

In order to complete the game design track at U or M Dearborn, you must take three journalism courses and this is one of the ones that count toward those three.  I was thrilled to see that this class was offered online and dealt with topics closer to my field!  I am really excited to have a group of people to discuss these internet issues with because the internet and people who use it are two major things that interest me.  If I can understand what goes through the mind of the average internet user I can then use that information to create games that will captivate larger audiences.

I have a YouTube channel that is mostly random video games that I stream every once in a while:

My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgM3NNtZcY5Fxw76RkRLjAg

My Twitch Stream:  http://www.twitch.tv/nebior

Most of my internet time is spent on Steam which is a program that connects people who play video games.  It is also one of the main ways to buy games for your computer and to then connect with others who have the same game. On Steam and just about everywhere else I go by the username Nebior.

A link to my Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nebior

Here is a bundle of my mods I made for the Elder Scrolls game Skyrim posted on Steam:


Feel free to browse my profiles or to add me on those sites.  I am not really into social media outside of using it as a communication tool and hopefully one day as an advertising tool or a platform for a game I design!


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