Hi, my name is Sharon.  I am a senior working towards a General Studies degree and I hope to graduate the end of this year.  I currently work full-time while raising a family and going to school part-time.  I have two children, my oldest is in his first year of Medical School and my youngest is a junior in high school.  My goal is to finish my degree before my youngest finishes high school.

I don’t do much online activity.  I usually only check weather and news sites.  I do have a Facebook account, but really only use it to keep touch with family and classmates from school.  Since I grew up in a very small town in Michigan (Scottville), I moved away in order to seek better job opportunities and find it is easier to keep in touch via Facebook now.  I actually have to build a Twitter account for this class.

In my free time I enjoy going to the dragway with my husband.  He races a 71 Nova and I crew chief for him.


When we are not at the track, we are spending time with our children and our dog, Beau.





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