Introduction: B. CARR

Hello cyber space. I go by B.Carr. My friends call me B or BC but my parents named me Brandon. I am an up & coming sports reporter and actor (Batman v Superman 2016) from the beautiful city of Detroit. This is my last semester here at the University Of Michigan In which my major is communications and my minor is screen studies. I wanted to be a news reporter, but after working at WDIV local 4 in 2013, I’ve decided to become a sports guy. Going out covering nothing but bad news does something to you. Well at least it did to me. I couldn’t stand sticking a microphone in people’s faces as they struggled to tell their stories. I would see horror and or stupidity daily. I now work here at CVN news, covering sports in Ann Arbor and Dearborn.
I have no children (thank God) but I am an uncle to 9 combined nieces and nephews. My eldest is 23 and the youngest just turned a whopping 1 years old. I am the baby boy of 3. My brothers are 41 and 36.

On special occasions, I like a good game of bowling (185 avg) baseball (all city in high school) basketball, skydiving and bungee jumping. Majority of these videos are on my YouTube page. If you’re looking for some fun and laughter, follow the link. (

I am also the owner of #dctf (check me out on instagram, twitter) Dreams Coming to Fruition clothing line as well as other multimedia production. Some of these items can be seen worn on my YouTube page as well. I am also the voice of this new company called “Collective Imaginations, where anyone with an imagination can create an eBook. “I was paid to say this LOL.” Check ME OUT PEOPLES.


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