Hey everyone, my name is Evan. I’ve never taken an online class before so this will be very interesting.

I’m a screen studies student here at UMD, I like watching ALL kinds of films or TV shows. Recently over break I got caught up with a couple of random films that I have been meaning to watch.

I really liked Winter’s Bone 2010, I believe its Jennifer Lawerences first lead role. If you’ve seen it, I think you would agree the casting director did a perfect job of picking actors that best resemble hill people.

Jodorowsky's dune
Also, another entertaining movie worth mention was, Jodorowsky’s Dune 2013. It’s about the making of  director Alejandro Jodorowsky vision for Dune, before it was made by David Lynch. Jodorowsky is really eccentric and the stories he tells about who he wanted to be is his movie is astounding. Orson Wells, Salvador Dali, Mick Jagger just to name a few actors. I recommend watching that if your a fan of Sci Fi.

Other things of interest for me are defintely trying new resturants around metro Detroit. One place I would like to pay a visit to is in Corktown called Johnny Noodle King. The same guy who owns and runs Green Dot Stables (if your familiar with that) opened a ramen house sometime in November. And if you haven’t been to a ramen house, it’s nothing like what you buy a Meijer or Kroger. The broth is worth the trip alone.

Here’s a photo if you don’t believe me.

Johnny Noodle King
Johnny Noodle King

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