Intro. to Jae

One Page at a TimeMy name is Jessica (a.k.a. Jae) Millender and I am a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Journalism and Film Studies and I currently reside in Detroit. One of my goals in life is to encourage social change through mass media in order to enlighten people of problems that are often overlooked. Just like those Public Service Announcements about smoking, being kind, and knowing your STI/STD status. I love seeing those ads on the television, radio, and Internet because it spreads public awareness and reminds people that ignorance is not bliss. Some problems close to my heart are depression, eating disorders, bullying, and low-self esteem.Body Positivity

I have a blog entitled The Jae Matter, it is centered on body positivity and plus size fashion as well as an Instagram for personal photos. This is not my first attempt at blogging; the number of blogs I have started over the years have been collecting cyber-dust. I have a tendency of not sticking with them. In other words I have a problem with consistency. But hey, it is a new year, a perfect time to start anew. Not to mention my grade depends on my ability to posLove of Filmt material on a week-by-week basis, so that is a great motivator. In my spare time I collect quotes and song lyrics. I am a strong believer in speaking ideas and love into existence. And I love to watch movies (my favorite is Fight Club), read books, and watch beauty/style videos on Youtube.

Below is a list of links to my favorite websites, hopefully they give a more in-depth description of my personality.

Youtube:Beauty and Lifesytle

Goodreads:Book Reviews

IMDB:Internet Movie Database

Instagram:Follow Me!!!


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