My name is Michael Zang. I am currently a senior and beginning my last semester before I graduate.  My major is criminal justice and have been working in the field for seven years.  I work midnights and have been on that particular shift for 3 years.  For those who have worked the shift, know it’s a tough schedule to maintain a normal and steady sleep schedule.

In my time away from work, I enjoy spending time up north relaxing, fishing, and four-wheeling.  I recently purchased some land up north near my future in-law’s cottage where I plan on building a garage to pursue the hobby of wood working.  I enjoy going to concerts of all kinds, with the most recent being Chevelle.  My favorite genre of music is rock.  Some of my other favorite things to do are watching sports games with my buddies.  I enjoy travelling to new places and learning about the history of the area.  Some of my favorite trips are the ones where there is no itinerary, and you see where the day leads you.  I travel to Los Angeles at least once a year to visit my nephew (seen below), he is now 17 years old.


I don’t spend too much time online, and to be honest I had to create a Twitter account for the class.  If and when I am online, it’s usually to order something I want or need.  My favorite place to purchase merchandise is E-bay.  E-Bay has it all!  I am getting married in July and have the fortunate status to having a fiancé that has done 99% of planning.  We currently live in Birmingham.  I look forward to this class and especially the month of April when I get to graduate.  Good luck to all in the class!



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