Introduction: Carly

(Source: emeraldcitydreams, via altogetherbeautifuldarling)
(Source: emeraldcitydreams)

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time blogging so I am excited to learn more about it! My name is Carly Hernandez and I am a senior majoring in Communications. I first started college at Schoolcraft and received my associates degree in science. I transferred to U of M-Dearborn my junior year and decided I wanted to change my major to Communications. Since then I have recently completed an internship at WDIV-Local 4 as well as Dietz Trott, a sports marketing firm in Farmington Hills. I currently am working for a pr agency specializing in events and have the opportunity to work from home. I am also a nanny for two little girls during the week, a two year old and a 9 month old. My goal is to gain experience in the different areas of communications to improve my skills and learn as much as possible.

(via chandelierswinging)
(via chandelierswinging)

I love fashion, yoga, shopping, attending Tigers games, traveling up north, writing and baking. In my spare time I also enjoy driving downtown since there is so many exciting things happening down there right now. Some of my favorite websites include Pinterest, Etsy and the Beauty Department. I enjoy these websites since I love to shop and find unique things. Visiting social media sites used to be where I spent most of my online time but as I’ve gotten older I spend most of my time checking emails and completing homework. Now that you know a little bit about me, I am very excited to start this course and look forward to meet the rest of you!


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